We’re counting down to Record Store Day, a major holiday for vinyl nerds and casual music listeners alike. Between April 14th and April 19th, Midwest Action is hosting Six Days of Vinyl Giveaways, a celebration of both Midwestern musicians and records. We gathered some vinyl, a mix of 7″s and LPs, from a few of our favorite artists. Each day, we’re giving away a single copy of an album, and on Record Store Day, we’re giving away all 5 records as a combo pack.


This three-piece, formerly Dick Wolf!, have recently burst onto the Chicago scene, and no one seems to be complaining. The band merges a wide range of influences and sensibilities with the rhythms and technical agility of Midwestern math rock. Some tracks very strongly call to mind the Dirty Projectors, in both instrumentation and vocals, and in the very best ways. The trio’s debut full-length was released just this past month, and we’ve been enjoying their experimental pop constantly since.

Midwest Action is excited to give away a copy of this awesome album to one lucky winner. Enter below for a chance to win*, and check out/fall in love with their music below if you haven’t been introduced yet.

VAYA Official | Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp
*winners will be selected and notified on April 20, 2014.