We’re counting down to Record Store Day, a major holiday for vinyl nerds and casual music listeners alike. Between April 14th and April 19th, Midwest Action is hosting Six Days of Vinyl Giveaways, a celebration of both Midwestern musicians and records. We gathered some vinyl, a mix of 7″s and LPs, from a few of our favorite artists. Each day, we’re giving away a single copy of an album, and on Record Store Day, we’re giving away all 5 records as a combo pack.


Radar Eyes have constantly been evolving as a band since their formation in 2007. Founding member Nathan Luecking left the band after their debut album came out on HoZac records leaving Guitarist/Vocalist Anthony Cozzi as the band’s frontman. Cozzi has stepped up to the challenge and taken the group into new territory, straying slightly from their more dark post-punk sound into a riff-laden garage/surf rock vibe that is undeniably catchy.

Their latest single Positive Feedback is a scorching 3 minutes of garage rock. Lucas Sikorksi’s overdriven bass line, along with Nithin Kalvakota’s quick drumming, propel the song forward like a freight train. Anthony’s vocals are stripped of their usual heavy reverb in favor of a more concrete style that cuts through the mix and gives the song an almost new-wave feel.

Check out the single below and enter for a chance to win* this phenomenal 7″.

Radar Eyes Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter
*winners will be selected and notified on April 20, 2014.