This year is the fifth annual Rock County Folk Symposium and probably the first year most people have been aware of the event’s existence. Previously, RCFSV was a semi-private festival, limited to friends of the organizers and bands associated with the event. Due to the success the event has had on the underground/word of mouth level, the inventive minds behind the festival have decided to go public this year in a big way, offering up a stellar lineup of music, beer, and food paired with an ambitious and unique aesthetic.

All Tiny Creatures | Jon Mueller’s Death Blues | Dietrich Gosser | Double Ewes
Sayth | Adelyn Rose | Softly, Dear | Bed Times

RCFSV is not your average festival, and it doesn’t want to be. The event is housed on the beautiful and expansive Camp Rotamer grounds outside of Janesville, Wisconsin. The off the grid locale gives the event a sense of freedom and seclusion that the organizers have taken and run wild with – like completely off the rails – in the best way possible. The theme for this year is “Quarantine”. While I do not think any clear explanation has been (or will be) offered, this is what I can gather: the entire US, maybe even the planet, has been stricken with a terrible pandemic viral outbreak, and the only safe haven left is Camp Rotamer, as you can see below:

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.21.56 PM

The pandemic virus is caused by low levels of Wisconsin Heritage, and the only salvation is via the sonic purification of the artists performing and by consuming local craft beer provided by Furthermore Brewing and local food by Underground Food Collective (operators of Forequarter, the best/coolest place to eat in Madison). The theme is further bolstered by interactive art installations curated by the Wisconsin Heritage Foundation which may or may not be a completely fictitious organization dreamed up by the festival heads. According to the festival’s organizers, “The Wisconsin Heritage Foundation is a mysterious but renowned organization that proposes Wisconsin traditions and values as a cure-all for modern ailments.” Like I said, it’s a bit off the rails. The festival also benefits from a 300 person cap which helps maintain a sense of intimacy and exclusivity while still offering a high caliber and immersive festival experience.

As expected, tickets are rapidly selling out, so hurry up and head over to the RCFSV website for more information and to grab a ticket!

“Do it for yourself, your children, and the future of mankind. Much depends on your swift arrival. The cure awaits you.”Rock-County-Folk-Symposium-V_quarantine

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