Midwest Action got right into the action at this years Pitchfork Music Festival. Well, we were there Saturday and Sunday, and we had a great time! Here’s what my camera caught during this amazing weekend of music. Enjoy!


Crowd surfing during Glass Candy‘s non-stop dance party on the Blue Stage.


Foxygen‘s Sam France jumping from the Red Stage scaffolding during their untamed performance Sunday afternoon.


The other half of Foxygen, Jonathan Rado laying down some rock n’ roll for the kids.


 The Red Stage just could not hold the amount of energy Sam and Jonathan brought to it. Sam was often forced to take that excess energy directly into the crowd.


Ida No, singer of Glass Candy, finishes their amazing set with a crowd surf around the entire audience and back to the Blue Stage.


Dark clouds loomed over the fest all weekend, the rain got bad enough to cut Bjork‘s set short on Friday, but it didn’t stop Belle and Sebastian or R. Kelly from headlining the next two evenings.


Festival goers relax in the spacious (and air conditioned) H&M tent.


Mirrors and a slew of cosmetics and toiletries allowed boys and girls to remain sexy even in the harshest Chicago sun.


Twinkie the kid even made an appearance, handing out free Twinkies in celebration of the return of our beloved snack. Here he is with Midwest Action writer, Dan Fiorio.


The CHIRP Record Fair is always a great escape from the sun and rain at Pitchfork; these lovely lads demonstrated how music is “cut” to a vinyl record.


Belle and Sebastian‘s Stuart Murdoch gets intimate with the crowd as they close out the Green Stage on Saturday night.


Guitars, strings, brass, drums, and a chorus of sweet Glasgow accents. Belle & Sebastian make their Pitchfork debut.


Some of us were fortunate enough to escape Saturday night’s rain by hopping up on stage for a B&S dance party. I was lucky enough to be in that group (and the best male dancer).


My mind is telling me no…  but my body is telling me yes. There ain’t nothing wrong with some R. Kelly, bringing it all home Sunday night on the Green Stage.


An inspirational end to a lovely weekend of music, R. Kelly‘s “I Believe I Can Fly” closes out the festival with balloons and doves. Haters wanna hate, but R. Kelly showered us with some smooth R&B like no one else can.

Some other highlights for us were The Breeders performing their classic album “Last Splash”, Toro Y Moi‘s funky performance, and the fantastic duo of El-P and Killer Mike bringing their fake gold chains to the stage. What were some of your best Pitchfork moments this year?

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