It’s that time of year again—when the Christmas trees are shedding their needles, Thanksgiving arguments have become water under the bridge, and resolutions are on the verge of being broken. Ian’s Party is here just in time to celebrate the passing of all the holidays we love to hate, or hate to love, and to give us a reason to break out of our hibernation if only for three cold dark days.

In its eleventh year, it carries a history of great lineups that have been very locally centered, a true showcase of diverse Chicago-land bands. Of all the well-known music festivals that call Chicago home none of them are as morally grounded as Ian’s Party. Unlike Riot Fest, it isn’t a profit-centered spectacle nor is it Pitchfork which drowns Union Park with out-of-town acts. Ian’s Party celebrates the local talent exclusively and gives the earnings to charity. This year’s philanthropic outreach is for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.

The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless is a non-profit organization that advocates for the homeless or those at-risk of becoming homeless. They use the funding to do community outreach and public policy initiatives. It’s a worthy cause that becomes more important during these cold winter months, and it’s something worth considering when debating between creature comforts of your apartment or braving the chilling wind on your walk to the bus stop on your way to Wicker Park.

Weekend Passes are on sale for $30 which covers the price of all of the shows between all three stages at Subterranean and Chop Shop. That’s 69 amazing local bands including Absolutely Not, Meat Wave, The Cell Phones, No Men, as well as Midwest Action associated acts such as So Pretty, Young Marshall, Montrose Man, Beastii, and plenty more.

Get your tickets and all the info you need below, and get ready to party this weekend! 

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