It’s festival season, and while big name events are happening all over the US with headlining acts like LCD Soundsystem and Deathcab for Cutie, a new, different kind of festival is brewing in the midwest. Cleveland music scene’s fearless leader, Thomas Fox (former co-chair of the successful Brite Winter Festival and host of Creative Mornings) is paving the way to create a new music festival on the shores of Lake Erie. Agumboot Music Festival is a one-day event aimed at bringing to light up-and-coming musical artists of all genres from across the U.S. “Our goal is to welcome non-market viable emerging artists to play in Cleveland. We’d like Cleveland to engage in extremely pro-artist culture and become among the most hospitable places for musicians to live and play in the country,” says Fox. The festival is slated for July 15, 2016.

So why “Agumboot”? Inspired by Paul Simon’s Graceland, Fox sees Agumboot as a celebration of renewal, bringing the art and music community together. This sort of celebration is exactly what Fox wants to bring to Cleveland, Ohio. He’s even written a children’s book about agumboot, which he’s looking to publish some day soon.

The current monetary goal of Agumboot is $30,000. This will help launch the festival for 2016, and then help contribute to sustaining and growing the festival in years to come. There are various levels of the fundraiser that can get you awards including a discounted ticket to the festival or even being listed as one of the Founders. The festival team is also accepting applications for volunteers and artist submissions to play.

To learn more about Agumboot Music Festival in Cleveland, Ohio, or how to become a Founder, watch this overview by Thomas Fox here:

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