Proving that Cincinnati is the city that will not sleep, MidPoint Music Festival does everything in its power to stack Saturday’s twelve-hour festivities with as many amazing bands as possible. Here are our picks for the best bands out of the Midwest on MidPoint’s final day.

The Breeders | 7:00pm | Washington Park

The Breeders, of Dayton, OH, have been making their rounds this year performing 1993’s iconic Last Splash album, including a performance earlier this summer at Pitchfork Music Festival. The record has recently been released as a deluxe edition available on vinyl and CD.

The Kickback | 8:00pm | Mainstay Rock Bar

Pop-rockers The Kickback come to our ears via the Windy City, where brothers Billy and Danny Yost relocated in 2009 from South Dakota. The Brothers Yost then enlisted the help of a few good men who responded via Craigslist post and the band was born with the addition of Eamonn Donnelly and Jonny Ifergan. We hear they put on one hell of a show, too.

Bethesda | 9:15pm | Mr. Pitiful’s

Indie darlings Bethesda, of Kent, Ohio, will draw you in with their magnetism as the first notes of frontwoman Shanna Delaney greet your ears. The sextet recently celebrated the vinyl release of their newest album, The Reunion. If you’re ready to kick up your heels and dance out your demons, be here. You’ll want to be able to tell your grandchildren you saw Bethesda before they were a huge international act.

Bad Veins | 10:30pm | Taft Theatre

Local indie pop duo Bad Veins doesn’t play by the rules. In fact, they may argue they’re a trio, as their reel-to-reel tape player is perhaps just as much a band member. Regardless, the band’s human members, Ben Davis (vocals/guitar) and Jake Bonta (drums), will get you riled up for the rest of the night. You’ve been warned.

Young Heirlooms | 12:00am | Arnold’s Bar & Grill

Cincinnati’s own Young Heirlooms prove their prowess at fading the lines between genres, easily embracing pop sensibilities laced in folk, rock, and blues. The duo will draw you into their world through their nuanced performance and impressive skill at both instrumental and vocal dexterity.

All hail the Queen, for lending us the tragically beautiful experimental folk of Daughter and folk rock trio Bear’s Den. Choose wisely, Cinci. Tonight’s the last night of MPMF 2013.

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