Music is an important aspect of what Midwest Action is all about but we appreciate excellent art well. Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights, IL is dedicated to bringing arts to the Chicago land region in any way they can think of. Whether it is through their national shows where artists from all over the country present original art pieces or through their open mic nights where local artists of all mediums come together, the gallery is dedicated to bringing art and art education to everyone.

This Friday night (tomorrow!) is a special night as USG will be hosting local artist/poet Esteban Colon as he reads passages from his new poetry book alongside their traditional open mic session.

Esteban Colon 2

Esteban Colon is no stranger to Union Street Gallery nor their open mic sessions but this show promises to be extremely unique. He will be performing poems from his book “Things I Learned the Hard Way”. I have personally been witness to a couple of his sessions and can vouch that his style and rhythm will take you away. With amazing flow mastered over years of practice and hard work Esteban is someone you don’t want to miss.

However when it comes to USG, there is more than just open mic though. The gallery has been host to some of the most impressive works of art that Chicago has to offer. The gallery is currently ending their latest show “Who We Aren’t” where artists submitted art work that expressed a different side of who they felt they were or were not. Judged by Paul Klein and Patrick Earl Hammie, this is one of two National Exhibits the gallery hosts each year.

who we arent 2

If you’re interested in seeing the Open Mic/Esteban Colon as well as the art from “Who We Aren’t” you can come to the gallery from 6:30-9pm (1527 Otto Blvd Chicago Heights IL). Excellent art, good drinks, variety of performance pieces, and the whole thing is free  are just some of the reasons you should come on out. If you’d like to perform the night of the show you can get the info for signing up HERE and as always, walk ins will be welcome. Just have all your materials ready to go.

Union Street Gallery is a not-for profit 501(c)3 corporation and relies on the benefits they host and the donations of it’s patrons, so donations (no matter the size) are always welcome. You can get more information on the gallery from their website and social media pages and be sure to head on out to see all the amazing things they are doing for the art scene of Chicago and the Midwest.

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