From September 25 until October 26, Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights will be home to 46 pieces interpreting mechanics and industry. “The Machine” exhibition features pieces depicting machines, made from machines, or of imagined machines.

Digital Painting by William Haney.

Digital Painting. William Haney.

This exhibit consists of 34 talented artists from 15 different states. Representing the Midwest are Carol Brockman, Jeffrey Abt, and Sean Hottois, among many others. Union Street Gallery welcomes Jason Brammer and Jason Foumberg, both from Chicago, as jurors of the exhibit.


Bartosz Beda. Painting.


Matther Jarrett. Scratchboard.

Reception will be held on September 27th from 6-9 PM in Chicago Heights. Admission is free, but a minimum $5 donation is appreciated. Refreshments and adult beverages will be served.

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