An original play for comedy lovers and art nerds alike, ReadyMade DayDreame, debuted at Donny’s Skybox Theater in Chicago on July 26th. ReadyMade DayDreame is Alice down an art hole, where one work of art, Fountain, sets out on a journey through nonsense. Tired of being urinated on, Fountain seeks out the gallery’s Curator, but runs into a few obstacles along the way in the form of other quirky occupants.


Illustration by Stephen Maurice Graham.

Written and produced in Chicago, the play is the brainchild of Anthony Kelly, later joined by Keith Horvath to assist developing and refining. The team crossed paths at a producing mixer at Second City and have since been working to perfect ReadyMade DayDreame.

Even the day before the July 26th premiere, the cast was still making edits to the script. Kelly and Horvath pride themselves on the improvisational nature of ReadyMade DayDreame, encouraging their cast to get inside their characters heads’ and make suggestions. Concerning the creative process, Horvath states:

There are two things that motivate me: honesty and fun. If the actors aren’t being honest with their characters, it’s impossible to believe them. But overall, if they aren’t having fun, the audience isn’t having fun, and then we’ve lost them for the whole journey.

ReadyMade DayDreame is a ride through a part of the gallery that we haven’t seen… until now. Horvath, Kelly, and crew are excited to share their project with Chicago for the next three Friday evenings.

$13 – General | $10 – Students | $8 – Training Center Students
August 2 at Donny’s Skybox in Chicago, IL
August 9 at Donny’s Skybox in Chicago, IL
August 16 at Donny’s Skybox in Chicago, IL

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