This artist’s age is a mystery, but he’s got great stories to tell and has made some lovely art along the way. Pat Perry is an artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who renders the human experience in both illustrations and paintings.

Concerning human experiences, he’s had a few. From train jumping throughout the West to Alaskan residencies to speaking engagements in Barcelona that lead to European hitch-hiking adventures, he’s got a lot to draw from. Personally, I enjoy his hyper-realistic portraiture juxtaposed against misplaced structures and gestural linework, along with his spacious landscapes with very definite borders.

Fleshed out pieces aside, Pat Perry has one of the most beautiful sketchbooks I’ve ever seen. Each page has the attention to detail and concept of a gallery-ready artwork, but without the pressure and expectations.

For more of Pat Perry’s work, visit his website. This artist has inspired me greatly for quite some time now; who’s been inspiring your work?

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