Though “chicken wrangler” was an obvious career choice, illustrator and fine art printer, Jillian Nickell, left her childhood farm and decided to follow her creative ambitions instead. Now living in Chicago, Jillian specializes in screen printing and has crafted pieces for NPR, Urban Outfitters, and Threadless. Check out some of her work below:




Currently featured in 10+ galleries, there’s no argument that people appreciate her skills, not to mention the sense of humor behind each of her pieces. I can’t believe such loveable prints just come out of a basement studio.

September 28-29 at Strange Folk Festival in St. Louis MO
October 26 at INDIEana Handicraft Exchange in Indianapolis, IN
November 23 at Show of Hands in Chicago, IL
December 14-15 at Bucktown Holiday Art Show in Chicago, IL

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