Those who know me know that I am a gig poster addict. There is no better feeling than going to a show and noticing the gig poster for that exact date and that exact venue waiting for you at the merch table. And then, there are events like Renegade Craft and Flatstock… My wallet is crying just thinking about it, but can you blame me?


So naturally, Aesthetic Apparatus is right up my alley. This Minneapolis-based studio has created so much quality work that it is hard to condense into a blog post. I appreciate their gig poster work, but I really love how they are able to pull that style through their commercial design as well.

Check out some of their work below:

But wait! AA is more than just a design studio. Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski have recently launched Schoolhaus, a “design studio classroom inspired by (their) desire to remedy the growing divide between learning and education”. Schoolhaus is an interesting concept that blurs the lines between education and learning. Dan spoke more in depth to Adventures in Design about the program, and it’s well worth the listen.

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