Art comes in many forms. It can be displayed on canvas, shown through photos, or even tossed up on a stage. With that, Midwest Action is excited to announce the next type of feature on the site: Midwest Action Laughs – where we highlight the growing comedy scene of the Midwest and what it’s offering the masses.

What better way to get things rolling than with the physical and crazy improv comedic fiends: Switch Committee. The members are all impressive comedians on their own but its together that they bring out the big guns, take risks, and leave the audience laughing.

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The group was formed in 2011 when members Dave Karasik and Ryan Nallen decided they wanted to do a show and needed a few more members. Enter Alan Linic, David Schwartzbaum, and Collin Dahlgren. After a few “jam sessions” they decided to go ahead with the show. That was three years ago and they haven’t stopped.

The team are practitioners of the “living room” form where the performers get a suggestion of anything at all and then talk freely and honestly (not trying to be funny) as themselves. Then its onto the comedy as they show scenes inspired by that conversation. This always offers a unique opportunity for the team to learn something new about each other with every show…not to mention the insanity that ensues. It’s a fast and physical style of comedy and has the guys literally jumping or rolling into a new scene. In addition, they do ‘redo’s’, which means they will redo a scene to get a different take on it.

In only three years this team has created a name for themselves in the Midwest as comedic stars. They will be taking part in the Detroit Improv Festival in August and Cincinnati Improv Festival in September as well as reviving a run at the famous iO Theatre in Chicago Thursday nights at 10:30 PM. They will be returning  after about five months away from the theater. They also were part of Big Little Comedy Fest in Cleavland Ohio this year as well as the Chicago Improv Festival.

Switch Committee is showing no signs of slowing down. You’ll have some opportunities to check out their unique brand of comedy but if you want the specifics be sure to check out their social media pages for updates. There you’ll find all the info as well as the comedy and jokes you need.

Switch Committee Official | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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