The comedy community of the Midwest is getting some awesome exposure this year as part of Weapons of Mass Creation this upcoming weekend in Cleavland, OH. While the weekend, now in it’s fifth year, has always been an amazing gathering of artists from all over the country this year’s closing show is a gathering of hilarious comedians. If that isn’t enough then the awesome factor is only increase by the fact that the Midwestern hilarious smash hit game Cards Against Humanity as well as presented by

Maronzio Vance
Headlining the night and capping off Weapons of Mass Creations is the very hilarious and talented Maronzio Vance. Having been featured on the Tonight Show, a personal Comedy Central Half Hour special, and has been on FOX’s Enlisted, Comedy Central’s @midnight and has writing credits on Boondocks. That is not even the tip of the iceberg that is Maronzio Vance. He has his new album coming out on August 19th, he works on his podcast “Just Killing Time”, and he regularly performs stand-up around Los Angeles, New York and tours the country.

The Puterbaugh Sisters
Honestly it can’t really be comedy show without Chicago’s hilarious vaudevillian quick witted Puterbaugh Sisters. Tiffany and Danielle are a fixture in the Chicago comedy scene. They host their popular weekly variety show Entertaining Julia and make their sisterly stand up show known all over the city. They have created amazing characters from the Klinkty Klank (a Japanese Noise band from Shaumberg) to the tranquilizing 50s gals who are just making the most of life. However you see them one thing is guarenteed – you’re going to laugh and hard. They’ve had shows all over the Midwest and you can catch them in Chicago almost any night. is setting up this show to succeed right off the bat. They are bringing in the comedic stylings of Ramon Rivas, John Burton, and Walter Hemmelgarn.Ramon Rivas is a comedian from Cleveland, OH who has helped Cleveland become one of the great cities for comedy in the US by curating the shows and bringing in national acts and carefully pairing them with local support.  This is the 2nd year Rivas has curated comedy programming at WMC Fest.

John Burton is quickly following in the similar steps of Ramon. John is well known for working any and all shows as well as the fact that he runs a regular series at the Grog Shop and hosts regularly at Hilarities in Cleavland. Starting off the night will be Walter Hemmelgarn who might be the youngest comedian of the night but is quickly making himself known in the comedy scene. With a few hosting residences under his belt, Hemmelgarn has become a name to watch rise over the next few years.

RamonRamon Rivas John BurtonJohn Burton HemmelgarnWalter Hemmelgarn

If you’ve been following the Midwest Action previews of WMC then you know that you’re in for an amazing weekend. This comedy showcase is the perfect way to end a weekend that is full of art, break dancing, Ink Wars, artist panels, sponsor giveaways, and so much more. Midwest Action will be out at WMC covering all the amazing things going on so if you can’t make it out you can jump on our instagram and twitter to follow along well as keeping up with the WMC offical twitter account as well: @wmcfest.

Be sure to check all these comedians out as they make their way through the country (and specifically the Midwest) spreading laughter wherever they are.

Maronzio Vance | The Puterbaugh Sisters | Ramon Rivas | John Burton | Walter Hemmelgarn