Comedy has deep roots in Chicago and the Midwest. And while there are some famous faces that hail from the walls of Second City and iO there’s FAR more than just those available. For instance, for the last 10 years Chicago Underground Comedy has hosted an alternative comedy show that prides itself on the diversity of its performances. It is the stage where the local artists can come and show what they have. Hosted currently at the Beat Kitchen on Tuesdays, this stage has been hosted to some of the best acts in the city.

Featured on Midwest Action just a month ago, The Puterbaugh Sisters are just coming off their Weapons of Mass Creation performance and have been all to familiar faces at the Chicago Underground Comedy shows many times. It has also hosted the likes of TJ Miller who has gone on to some amazing shows like having his own Comedy Central hour special and joining in on The Benson Interruption.

Yet they are only some of the amazing acts that have graced the stage (or continue to each night). ChUC (as it is known) is not just a place for stand up though. It has hosted sketch comedy, to characters, to things you couldn’t even begin to classify.

Chicago Underground Comedy has showcased some of the most clever and innovative minds in the business. Known for being the breeding ground of alt-comedy, this haven revels in it’s reputation as a comic’s playground. They have very few, if any, regrets for any of the silly goofs, wacky antics, or ridiculousness that may, and does, break out after the drinks kick in.

It’s a guaranteed good time and all you have to do is bring $5 and a few of your friends over to the Beat Kitchen, and they will do the rest. The show starts at 9:30 but the doors are at 9:00. So head out early, grab a drink and good spot, and laugh until you can’t breath. Be sure to check out their website and social media to get the updates on what is happening comically in the city.

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