With four years of past experience bringing music and art together, Weapons of Mass Creation is back working on its fifth. WMCFest has scheduled three days of art, music, and industry talks for an expected 2,000+ attendees. With what an extensive line-up they have planned, Midwest Action is here to help you sort through some of it.

So, you survived Friday and Saturday and are ready to take on Sunday’s line-up. Luckily, Sunday’s schedule is just as packed with inspirational speakers, panels, and bands, and we’ve got a few choice recommendations below:

Briar Rabbit | Gumroad Beer Garden at 2:00PM

We’ve talked about Briar Rabbit a few times before, but that’s just because we really dig his tunes! Check out this dream pop artist’s WMCFest debut in the Cleveland sun, beer (Dortmunder perhaps?) in hand.

Gender Panel | JakPrints Main Stage at 3:00PM

A much needed discussion on LGBTQ issues in the design community and, more generally, in society, happening at your favorite festival in Cleveland. A very in-tune panel will take the stage to share thoughts on sensitivity, their work, and how to not just accept, but appreciate.

Drawn to Business | Columbia College Chicago Workshop Room at 3:15-4:15PM

Led by Go Media founder William Beachy, this workshop teaches the strategies and best practices behind the graphic design business. Visit for tips and tricks on how to level up your business game and bring a bit of extra knowledge to your clients.

Ashley Brooke Toussant | Gumroad Beer Garden at 4:00PM

Ashley is currently playing in support of her newest EP, With Regards To You, released in May 2014. We’ve interviewed her in the past (the recent past), and recommend swinging through to catch her delicate tunes.

ChuckleFck Comedy Closing Showcase | JakPrints Main Stage at 7:15PM

We like to laugh. And, we’re particularly pumped about WMC Fest’s choice to close out the fest with a comedy showcase. The ChuckleFck showcase has been previewed here, and we recommended it so much then that we’re recommending it again now. Enjoy.

Tickets for Sunday can be purchased for $55 here; if you’re planning on attending all weekend, pick up a $100 three-day pass here. If you’re looking for something a bit in-between, peruse their ticket options; WMCFest offers varying ticket packages depending on what your availability and interests might be.

Weapons of Mass Creation is held in the Gordon Square Arts District of Cleveland, OH from August 15th to 17th. All ages welcome. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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