The Lillstreet Art Gallery in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood is featuring great Midwestern sculptors in their upcoming Metal+ group exhibition. Chris Ramsay (IL), Jill King (IL), and Terry Karpowicz (OK) are displaying work, along with Andy Cooperman out of Seattle.

From Lillstreet:

The use of varied and disparate materials is historically integral to the creative processes in sculpture making. The artists in this exhibition uniquely marry multiple materials with metal. From glass and wood to cheesecloth and sand, these sculptors are not limited by the use of a sole medium. Each has chosen to embrace and transform collective materials to express their personal artistic vision.

For a sampling of each sculptor’s work, see below, but note that these pieces are not necessarily in Metal+.

Jill King–Illinois

Terry Karpowicz–Illinois

Chris Ramsay–Oklahoma


Lillstreet Gallery’s opening reception will be held Friday April 14 from 6-8 p.m. For more information on the reception or to RSVP, head to their Facebook event page.

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