Born from an interest in collaborative efforts, Ferocious Quarterly is an independent publication curated by some amazing, Midwestern creative forces. FQ presents the work of illustrators, designers, and writers in a tactile mini-mag format. Debuting strong in August of 2010, thirty-one artists were represented in the first issue, and each publication that followed was stronger conceptually and collaboratively.

The quarterly is founded and curated largely by Nathaniel David Utesch of Northeast Indiana, with Scott Kirkpatrick, Jason Roemer, and Matt Beers all contributing to the editing process.

“I want to go broke and I want to be surrounded by the smell of offset ink and uncoated paper. I believe in it.” -Nate Utesch, The Fox Is Black interview

In May of 2012, the team proudly released their third issue, “Be Prepared”, this time with a theme of SURVIVAL. To switch the formula up a bit, this issue’s writers were required to work off of artwork provided to them. The teaser video for “Be Prepared” can be viewed below.

The fourth issue of Ferocious is in the works, and we couldn’t be looking forward to it more! With the general theme being “Deep”, contributors worked on half of a piece specifically addressing “deep space”. The work was then handed off to another illustrator who finished the piece with the theme of “deep sea”. The folks over at FQ have to be as anxious to release No.4 as we are to get our hands on it.


The FQ team was kind enough to donate Ferocious No.1 through 3 to Midwest Action, and you have a chance to win them! Comment on this post and let us know some illustrators, designers, or writers you would love to see in an upcoming issue! Or let us know who you loved seeing in a past issue.

(Also: FQ No.3 is on For Print Only’s “Best of 2012” list. How cool is that?)

We will pick a winner (living in the continental US) at random on June 7, 2013, and send them off to enjoy. Good luck, we’re looking forward to reading the comments!

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