You can say Chicago is becoming a top contender when it comes to doughnuts. Boasting shops such as Dat Donut, Endgrain, Do-Rite Donuts, Beavers, and Doughnut Vault, fried dough enthusiasts can feel confident there won’t be a doughnut shortage in this city any time soon. I had the very sweet pleasure to visit two of Chicago’s top doughnut joints, Glazed & Infused and Firecakes Donuts.

Glazed & Infused


My first stop was at the River North location of Glazed & Infused, and I opted for the seasonal spiced eggnog bismarck doughnut. It was fresh, not overly sweet and oozed eggnog custard, was topped with cinnamon nutmeg glaze and speckled with a dust of nutmeg. This is a creative, fun, and casual shop that prides itself on using naturally and locally grown ingredients. I obviously need to go back here, considering they have red velvet doughnuts, maple bacon Long Johns, banana nutella pretzel doughnuts, and even a chocolate maraschino cherry flavored variety.

Firecakes Donuts


I finished my short doughnut tour by continuing my walk through W. Hubbard St. and ending up at Firecakes Donuts. It took me a very very long time to choose my treat because the selections were overwhelming, in the best way possible. I finally made my pick and went for the butterscotch praline donut. It was topped with crushed butterscotch, stuffed with caramel praline filling, and I was happy with every bite. I’m not usually a butterscotch fan – the praline was the main component that helped make my decision – but the two flavors and the crunchy, creamy, and doughy textures were so evenly balanced, I knew I made an awesome choice. Other amazing options included their malted milk ball donut, the peanut butter cup, the coconut cream, the chocolate hazelnut Long John, and their signature ice cream filled donut.

Check out these spots for delicious and inventive doughy treats and be sure to look out for seasonal flavors; I’m sure your list of favorites will be very long.

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