Midwest Action is a Chicago-based online music and art publication, dedicated to exploring and elevating the best of Midwest culture.

Founder Alyssa Lee launched Midwest Action as a t-shirt line in 2011. As art of her mission, she began sharing once-a-week featurettes on one local artist and one local musician. Before long, she shifted the company’s focus away from screenprinting merch to reporting on art- and music-related news.

Since refocusing in late 2011, Midwest Action has reported on new album releases, show announcements, and concerts, all while maintaining its steadfast dedication to creatives in the Midwest.

As another means to support musicians and tell people about music, we launched the Midwest Action label in 2015. Largely specializing in cassettes, the label is now nearing its 25th release.

All content and opinions appearing on the site are intellectual property of Midwest Action.